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Covid 19 Message of Hope 3-25-2020-1    Community Connector May 2020

 Many Thanks from your

Resident Services Coordinator

On March 15th the COVID 19 restrictions caused all of our staff to work remotely from home. Our dedicated maintenance staff remained consistently available to handle emergencies, daily needs and deliver meals to all of our residents in spite of the risks. The restrictions also prevented any outside deliveries from entering our buildings such as Meals on Wheels, etc. Residents like Jim, Shirley and Sande helped forward those meals to homebound residents. Our “donation teams”, Martin, Ann, Jim, Kathy and others, used their time, gas and energy to pick up and distribute fresh foods to our buildings. Some of you broke out sewing machines and contributed to masks for your neighbors. To those like Lillian and Ann who cook and share warm meals, I thank you from my heart. Thank you so much to all of our unsung Hero’s who reached out to a neighbor just to see how they were doing. Last but not least, many thanks to our Director, Steve Kambic, who continues to go above and beyond to make sure everything keeps running, staff stays employed and we all remain safe.

I truly thank you for remembering that we are in this together, Beverly Sarduy Dalton

Check out our most recent Community Bulletin attached above for more information. 

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 To All Family & Visitors

In an effort to protect all residents we are asking that only essential care givers and family members visit our buildings. Visitors MUST WEAR MASKS. Those who are considered essential include family members who perform needed tasks such as grocery shopping, laundry etc. Home health care aids who provide essential services to our residents are encouraged to continue providing those services while utilizing Personal Protective Equipment.
If you have concerns or need clarity please contact the main office

610-948-1797 Staff is monitoring the phone lines.

Residents, As Always Check for Posted Flyers in Your Building!


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