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                                   VACCINE REGISTRATION INFO

Chester County Residents 65 and older or with disabilities are now eligible to register for the COVID 19 vaccine. There are several ways to register.

  1. ONLINE- Vaccine Interest Survey, click on to express your interest in getting the vaccination and hope Chester County Health Department will notify you when appointments are available soon. Help your neighbors and friends who may not be as tech savy get registered too.
  1. As the vaccine supply becomes available, doctor’s offices and pharmacies will also receive supplies. Call your physician, hospital, or pharmacy and add your name to their waiting list. Some pharmacies are taking appointments now. You don’t know who will get the vaccine first.

NOTE: Petra properties are listed on the Gateway Pharmacy waitlist NOW.  We are waiting.  We will announce if and when it arrives through Gateway.

Feel free to register on the online link above for a potentially faster response.

Please keep in mind, the vaccine is another tool in our fight against COVID-19, and we must continue to practice other proven mitigation efforts, like wearing a mask, hand washing, and physical distancing. 

                          Petra’s Voluntary Staff Quarantine Updates

Maintenance Staff – The maintenance staff will only be responding to essential work orders.  When staff responds to a work order in your apartment, they will wear a mask and social distance if at all possible.  Petra is asking all residents to wear a mask when maintenance is in your apartment or if wearing a mask is not possible, please exit the apartment until the work order is complete.

Office Staff – During this time, the office staff will be working from home during regular business hours.  Phone and emails will be responded to in real time.  Please do not hesitate to call. Staff will periodically come into the office to perform essential functions but the office staff will not be available for face to face interaction with residents.   Recertifications will continue to be contactless.

Management– Lease compliance will continue to be enforced.  We encourage residents to submit incident report forms and contact us with concerns such as smoking within the building, garbage in the recycling totes, parking concerns, disrespect for the premises, etc. Cooperation with these house rules help insure the safety of all our residents.

Residents – In accordance with the most recent Mask Mandate from the Governor’s office, Petra is asking ALL individuals entering the building or remaining in common areas to wear a mask. Additionally, we encourage those of you who are not feeling well to participate in a voluntary self quarantine.  The CDC suggests a 14 day quarantine.  During that time we encourage you to avoid interaction with other residents, wear a mask and practice social distancing.

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 To All Family & Guests

We welcome you back!  Due to the vulnerability of our Residents & the most recent mandate, All Visitors & Guests MUST WEAR MASKS IN PUBLIC AREAS.  Home Care Aids who provide essential services to our residents MUST utilize Personal Protective Equipment while providing those services.
If you have concerns or need clarity please contact the main office


Residents, As Always Check for Posted Flyers in Your Building!


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