Sara Yorgey

Sara Yorgey
Freedom House Resident                                                      IMG_1442

Sara Yorgey is a resident of the Freedom House.  She was born in 1970 with Cerebral Palsy and mainly because of her mother’s constant encouragement has not allowed her disability to get the best of her.  She lives a full life and enjoys being a resident of the Freedom House.

Sara is a huge Rusty Wallace fan.  She met the race car driver six times and attended 5-6 races.  During one race she was allowed special access because of her disability.  In fact, Wallace gave her a piece of one of his cars as a souvenir.  Since Wallace’s retirement, Sara is strictly a Phillies fan.  She enjoys going into Philly with her parents to watch the games.  Her favorite players are Shane Victorino and Cliff Lee. She also enjoys spending time on facebook and playing Wii games by herself or with other residents.

Though Sara tried to work, the Septa buses she depended on were not accommodating of her disability and she found it impossible to hold down a job.  She was living with her parents and resigned herself to the fact that she would never have the independence she yearned for.  After looking for 10 years for an apartment that would accommodate her needs, she found the Freedom House.

Sara was engaged to a wonderful man who died of Muscular Dystrophy.  Their dream was to live an independent, fulfilling life.  Today, Sara is living that dream and getting strength from her fiancé’s courage.

Chances are you know someone like Sara.

Petra Community Housing provides affordable housing and quality of life resources to assist individuals in Chester and Montgomery Counties.  We have been serving residents like Sara for over 20 years.

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