610-948-1797 info@petrach.org

Jonathan Capeci
Executive Director

Mary Chenco
Operations Coordinator

Tracy Freed
Finance Assistant

Bobbi Kulp
Housing Operations Coordinator


John Piechota
Facilities Coordinator

Beverly Sarduy
Resident Services Coordinator (Bard & Flag)

Jeanne Wolfinger
Finance Coordinator

Rick Care
Maintenance Technician



Dustin Chenco
Maintenance Technician

Ken Keim
Building Security

Ed Shaffer
Building Security

Kevin McCafferty
Building Security 


Petra Community Housing, formerly Phoenixville Homes, was created by the Phoenixville Area Council of Churches in 1994 to provide solutions to the lack of affordable housing in the area. Petra Community Housing is actively engaged in the development of rental housing that will provide solutions for seniors, families, persons with disabilities and special need populations

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Petra Community Housing
The Bard Complex
201 S. Main Street
Spring City, PA 19475
610-948-1797 (phone)
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Email: info@petrach.org


Join Petra’s mission to create affordable housing for low income seniors, families and the disabled.